Friday, July 29, 2011

Empire State Building: Seasonal Time Lapse

Taken from 5th Avenue, the following iPhone images were captured at various times of the day and year.  They were never meant to be a proper time-lapse series, so they're not centered perfectly.  The multi-colored lighting brings the masonry facade to life every night, the transition in lighting gives the building character. As you may already know, the Empire States Building (EBS) changes its lighting every so often depending on the day.  The Lighting Schedule describes who or what the lights are dedicated to.  Protected under the Landmarks Preservation Commision, the EBS is a steel reinforced masonry skyscraper 1,454 feet tall at the spire.  This building is truly the ultimate landmark. This series will be updated every season.  Click on the Flickr Stream below to view all the iPhone images at full size.

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