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"Law and Oracle" - Futurama Season 8, Episode 4

Delivery for....
This is less of a "review" and more opinion.

The episode begins by paying hommage to the first Futurama episode ever, Space Pilot 3000. However, instead of making a delivery to "I.C. Wiener" Fry makes a delivers to a "D. Frosted Wang" at Applied Cryogenics. A Chinese guy happens to work at Applied Cyrogenics... you see, even the most apparently dumb joke ever in this show has such depth. This is the reason i love Futurama. Defrosted Wang at a cryogenics lab, intelligently demented! (also very juvenile) ;) 

Futurama is meant for those of us who watch normal people movies or shows and laugh at the stuff no one else laughs at. We are not normal. When i meet other Futurama fans i feel at home knowing "this is my kinda person". In short, this episode is better than most of the Comedy Central Futurama revival batch. It's got wit, references to pop sci-fi that other reviews love to point out and it's damn intelligently nerdy humor (the best kind). 

In this episode, Fry joins the New New York Police Department (NNYPD) because he's fed up of not being promoted from being a delivery guy his entire life.  People in New York City have tons of opinions of the NYPD, but one thing's for sure: common cadets don't drive "hot rods" like the one shown in this new episode. Fry gets his promotions, but eventally realizes that he has to turn Bender in. Fry loses his new awesome job as a result and then comes back to Planet Express.
The NNYPD Hot Rod

Some thoughts: Roberto makes a cameo appearance (the crazy robot from "Insane in the Mainframe" Season 3, episode 12). God, I just love that episode so much that seeing him puts me in a good mood; Hedonism Bot is at the end of the episode, I LOL everytime he pops up because the concept and design of this robot intrigues me as an artist! Oh yeah, why is Zoidberg treated so badly? Fry takes him for a walk every day apparently? They made fun of 3D movies (Thank you). As person who grew up playing 8-bit 3D games on Sega Master System, 3D is not a novelty, it's more of an annoyance.  That's just my opinion. Onward...

Favorite Quotes from "Law and Oracle":

Fry: "Ive been a delivery boy for a thousand years, isnt there any room for promotion around here?"

NNYPD Recruiter: "You think you can nust waltz in here without pants and become a cop?"
Fry: "That's the plan."
Recruiter: "I like you kid, i got no pants on either"
Fry: "I can see that, you're quite a bit taller than me"
Recruiter: "Welcome to Police Academy".
Spoofing Tron (apparently)
Leela: (Referring to their new mission on Pandora) "That dangerous 3D planet? Can't we just send our avatars?"

Bender asks Pickles "Why?"....
Pickles: "So i can kill my human brain cells. Do you have any idea what a burden it is to know everything that will ever happen, to never be surprised, to know the punchilne of every joke....hours in advance?"

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