Sunday, July 17, 2011

"The Silence of the Clamps" - Futurama Season 8, Episode 5

Opinion on last week's new episode (Spoilers galore everyone).

Long Long Island, New New York... Nerdy nomenclature trends to come for the tristate area (btw, Long Island is very, very long).  To quickly summarize the episode, Bender crashes a Robot Mafia wedding, doing and seeing things that get The Donbot wanting him dead. The Earth Bureau of Investigation offers Bender a witness relocation protection program after testifying in court, on the Moon! Yeah, "We're Whalers on the Moon" :) Clamps is sent to find Bender and kill him, only to be stopped by Zoidberg!

This episode is riddled with social and political commentary.  We find out that the Robot Mafia lives on (Long) Long Island. Is this where the real Mafia lives? We also find the Mayor of NNY at the Robot Mafia wedding, is this a jab at Mayor Bloomberg? This time Judge Whitey, the WASPie aristocratic judge who wrongly convicts defendants wasn't around, but a robot judge who stood up for justice immediately gets shot in court and gets replaced with the next robot judge in line.  Futurama is making a bold statement here. Futurama is a cleverly disguised satire on today's society, but in the form of quirky robot characters, humanoid lobsters and rooster lawyers all flying around somewhere in outer space... To most of America much of this goes unnoticed because they're thrown off by all the weirdness, can you blame the average Joe? But for those of us with a high tolerance for weirdness ::sigh...:: Futurama never dissappoints....

Other observations and impressions: The Clamps' real name is "Francis". The tough mobster with the scary nickname has a harmless sounding real name. Oh yeah, Calculon makes an appearance, sings a song for us. I would have liked to see him featured in an "All My Circuits" episode-short. Bender's "Rodriguez Crime Concepts Inc." got me LOLing. One slapstic motif i noticed this episode, also in other episodes, the use of repetition. In my opinion this is hilarious. Calculon says "Noo!!!" and then Bender repeats the whole story and says "no" about 10 times, LOL. This repetition was found in episode 5 of last season's "The Duh-Vinci Code". In that episode the characters repeat "My God" an insane number of times... In other entertainment, Clamps and Zoidberg have a snipping vs. clamping battle and general competition through the episode. Zoidberg rules. Lastly, did anyone catch Bender & Crushinator's little daughter??? See image below.

Favorite Quotes from "Silence of the Clamps":

Calculon: "Donbot, please, I'll pay you back as soon as you lend me some more money".

Bender: Ooo, Oo, Oo and then Calculon said, No, NO!, NOOooo! and then i ate some excellent meat balls. Can i have my 50 bucks now?
Earth Bureau Investigator: I enjoyed your story, especially the tasteful love scene, but it's not enough to convict the Donbot. You'll have to to testify in open court"
Bender: No, NO!!! Can i have another 50 dollars?
Inv: No
Bender: No?
Inv: NO!
Bender: Noooo!

Rooster Lawyer: Your Honor, the Prosecution roosts, Buckock!!!

Francis (Clamps): That guy can bite my shiney metal clamps.

Fry (to Bender/Billy): You sure you don't wanna "Kill all humans?"
Billy: Pfft, I love all humans!
Fry: He really is gone.

Can't wait until next episode...until then.  Feel free to leave comments or spread the word. Thanks :)


  1. You really know your Futurama :)

    My favorite line,
    Hermes to Bender: (in reference to Bender's hillbilly accent) "Stop talking like that, you're on the moon."

  2. Hermes is hilarious, one of the few Futurama characters seemingly grounded to normal reality :) Thanks for reading my review! :) I go way back, I even sent hand written letters to the President of Fox (among some other people) back when Fox was about to cancel the show. That didn't work. I'm truly a happy nerd now that it's finally back & better than ever :)


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