Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Y3K: The 'Custom' Head Museum

MTV's Head in a Jar App
Welcome to the year 3000.  What is The Head Museum? A fictitious institution from Futurama, the museum was Matt Groening's clever way of bringing contemporary figures into the Futurama universe.  Located in the heart of New New York, the museum featured many different heads including: Leonardo DiCaprio, Pamela Anderson, and Al Gore (just to name a few).  The heads are mysteriously preserved in a liquid that provides them sustenance.  They must be fed every so often, like fish in a fish tank.  My dream is to one day have my head featured in a Futurama episode, even if i'm just an extra that doesnt talk. 

See Flickr stream below.  These are the heads i've accumulated through requests in a short period of time.  Want your head to be customized in a Futurama jar? Are you already featured in this Museum, but want your head edited with features the iPhone app is not capable of? For instance, i deleted the mustache available within the app because i don't have one.  Also, if i've made a head that you're not happy with, want multiple versions of your head or just want a different background, you can make a request in the comments section below (which is open to anyone). I'll even email you the original image file.


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